More than Paper; Flowers can be grown!

This paper is embedded with a wildflower seed mix of three species;


After use, plant the paper in a thin layer of soil, keep the soil moist and they will sprout in about a week. Seeds above are imported from USA so keep them in a cool place or in an air-conditioned room and avoid exposure to high heat.

Currently available in three colors: White, Pink and Red.

Custom seed mix may be available up on request. Please contact our sales for further information.



Small Album (6x6x0.3cm)


Mini Bag (8x11x4cm)


Small Vertical Bag (12x5.5x7cm)


Large Album (12.6x17.8x0.3cm)




Small Horizontal Bag (15.7x12.7x7.6cm)


Plantable A4

Plantable A4 Sheet

This paper can be used in various application. Simply print anything you want on it using an Inkjet printer. After use, you can plant it as the instructions above.

Currently available in White only. Packing 3 sheets and 10 sheets.


For large volume or custom size/color/seed mix, please feel free to contact our sales.